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Complementary Books and Movement Programs

Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman:   Explore how integrating Movement (not exercise) into your daily routine can help you restore posture and reduce pain. 

Younger Next Year:   Half Motivation, Half Science.   Learn how incorporating simple diet and exercise principals can make you feel younger next year.  For Real!  It's not rocket science folks, but you have to move and fuel your body.

The Core Program by Peggy Brill:  Originially written for Women 50+ presenting with all to common back issues, this simple recipe for reconnecting to your Core can change your world in 15 min a day.  

The Daily Burn:  Great Library of Complete Programs and Short Videos of All levels to help you start your journey into stability, strength and mobility in the comfort of your living room for a low monthly rate.

Beginner Yoga for Optimal Back Health.  An Amazing 30 day Yoga program  through that helps you build your fitness goals on a strong foundation.  Too often I see clients with little Thoracic Mobility and Completely disconnected and disfunctional Core's, which likely contribute to all sorts of Aches and pains commonly associated with old age.  This program mobilizes the ribcage with easy breathwork, teaches you how to engage and move from the Core, then building strength and flexibility to help keep you feeling young well into your golden years.  This guy knows what's going on!  This program used to be free, but now is part of their subscription program.  It's worth it, but you can also peruse their side for other free programs, such as their beginner page.  

​Complementary Yoga Stretches

Ya know when you ask me what stretches you should do at home?  Here it is, in one place.  David Procyshyn from  has read my mind and created a bunch of free videos with every stretch I might ever recommend beautifully sequenced and wonderfully explained.  Check them out!


Yoga for Hips, Hamstrings and Back- 30 min -

Yoga for the Hips, Hamstrings and Back - 45 min.

Super Juicy Hip Stretches, Sidebody Stretches and twists that really make the lower back feel great!  Honor where your body is and sit on a block or chair for this one if you need to.  Only twist until you feel a gentle twist and don't feel like you need to keep up.  This is a beginner video if you leave the ego behind and honor where you are.  I do the first one after every leg workout!

Hip Flexor Heaven - 30 min - Opening the hip flexors has never felt so good!  Hip Flexors are a frequent cause of back pain in athletes and people who sit a lot.  A favorite of mine after sitting in a kayak all day.  

Hip Strengther (Yoga with Tim) - 25 min:  Gentle Hip Strengthener with light Core awareness.  Great for regaining pelvis stability to support the hips, low back and knees.  

Yoga for the FEET - 25 min - self massage, stretch and strengthen the toes, feet, calves and knees.  Great for Plantar Fasciitis and more!


NECK - 10 min.  Great for anyone with Headaches or neck pain.  Great way to spend your next work break.

HANDS Arms & Shoulders - 20 min.  -  Amazing for anyone who uses their hands a lot, has arthritis, or wrist pain.   A favorite of mine for after work.

SHOULDERS - 30 min .  Stretch every muscle that crosses the shoulder joint, plus light heart opening.  

Yoga for the UPPER BACK- 35 min - Juicy 10 min relaxation followed by a thorough shoulder, heart and upper back opening.  

Chair Yoga  for the UPPER BODY: 30 min.  Not just for Seniors!  I love this gentle, seated chest, neck & shoulder opener after Push-up Day!  Similar to the next video, but without the strengthening.  

Yoga  & Strengthening for Carpel Tunnel & Rounded Shoulders - 30 min   - Includes stretches & strengthening for opening up everyday upper body patterns such as rounded shoulders and forward heads that can lead to various pains such as TOS, Carpal Tunnel, Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain, and Shoulder Pains.   I do this one after my each of my evening shifts!   

Foam Rolling for Thoractic Mobility - 10 min  (Yoga with Tim):  Rib and Thoractic Mobility is essential for a healthy back, neck and shoulders.  Check it out!

YouTube Instructors I love:

Yoga with Adriene:  Playful and Approachable Beginner and Intermediate yoga with some flow.  Check out her 30 day "True Program"  

Yoga with Tim: Intermediate Ashtanga, Flow Yoga with a highlights on foundational alignment.  

GuerillaZen Fitness:  Corrective Exercise.  Lots of strengthening focused on Anterior Pelvic Tilts, Rounded Shoulders, Forward Heads and other common postural patters.