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Abbie's Philosphy

​Food, Water, Shelter

"When can we stop to swim?" a young teenager asked me. We had been canoeing down the New River for over 3 hours and were nowhere near our lunch site. In my mind, I was craving a swim as well, but this was going to be a long day. "When we get to the campsite" I replied.  "My tent leaked" the same youth told me the next morning after we'd pitched tents in the dark, "...and my bowl is gross." There is little like taking a group of kids camping that reminds you of simple life skills. I love outdoor activities as they eliminate most of life's distractions are require you to focus on essentials. In some cases, this is as simple as getting to camp before dark. In more extreme cases, it is keeping you alive.

Awareness is the first step.

Now that I think about it, I've had similar conversations with adults. Funny how they think simple instructions are not meant for them. Let's take breathing for a moment, or taking time to move. Little is as simple or essential to life as breath and movement. Yet it is something we forget about most every day. Tune in. How long are your breaths? Are you breathing into both your chest and stomach? Is your exhale as long as your inhalation? Take a moment to exhale fully.

Tuning into your breath is never something I understood or took seriously. It was the talk of whimsical hippies and my scientific mind couldn't grasp it, nor could I take the time to focus on breath when I had better things to do. Eventually my overly logical mind brought me back to breath in the same way climbing, paddling, and hiking once refocused by priorities.

Movement starts in the body, but unlocks the mind.

It turns out that breathing physically triggers muscles to relax. Without it, the body can continue to hold tension. Constant life stress can keep the body in a state of constant flight. Without periods of rest and relaxation, the body is not able to perform maintenance and repair activities. This can affect sleep, digestion, the immune system, mood, and overall wellness.  Abbie helps individuals, groups and individuals tune into toxic patterns and behaviors. For the kids on my canoe trip, it was learning to paddle. For many adults, it is learning to breathe or remembering to move. Abbie also works with organizations to identify patterns and routines that prevent health & movement.

Unlock your Potential Movement.

Today, Abbie continues to use physical movement to drive health and personal growth. As a massage therapist, she helps her clients identify tight spots and teaches them how to relax. She uses therapeutic techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular energy techniques, stretches and Swedish massage to release tension, creating opportunity for physical and emotional growth. Clients will discover that releasing physical restrictions enables the body to repair, allowing for reduced mental stress and increased movement potential.

Moving forward, Abbie plans to combine her massage practice with yoga instruction and personal training, as she continues to use physical movement to create space for mental freedom.

Also ask Abbie about her Corporate Leadership and Team Development workshops.

Move, Learn, Grow,

A parent of a camper called me one day. "My daughter ate everything on her plate last night, and then she put her bowl away. What did you do?"

"My son told me he was on top of a mountain and you made him sit outside in a lightning storm.  Thank You."

"I just put my shoe on without pain for the first time in years!"


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Hours:  M/W 1:00p-8:00p,  Tu/Th  8:30a-3:30p

Abbie comes from a background in movement therapies and adventure education. She sees movement as meditation and believes that physical health and body awareness lead to mental health and personal growth. As a yogi, climber, paddler, snowboarder and former backcounrty guide, Abbie knows that a strong pain free body can be liberating. She specializes in myofascial, medical, therapeutic and sports massage, in addition to practicing deep tissue, relaxation and pregnancy massage. She loves treating postural misalignments & compensation patterns.  Her favorite techniques involve myofascial work, muscle energy techniques, and neuromuscular re-education to increase range of motion and reduce pain.  Abbie bounced around the Midwest, Australia and the West Coast before settling in the New River Valley and is excited to bring LIFT (Ligament Influenced Myofascial Technique) to the East Coast. Don't be surprised if she incorporates movement into your session. When not at work, Abbie can frequently be frolicking outside with her golden retriever or black lab.