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Creating Space for Movement

You are Hikers, Bikers, Cyclists, Climbers, Paddlers, Yogi's, Golfers, Dancers, Lifters, Twisters, Musicians, Parents, Movers, Shakers...  Movement is your Meditation.  It moves your being, Lubricates your world, Hydrates your Soul, and Propels you towards endless youth of body, mind and soul.  Whether your body and mind are moving fast or slow, Abbie can help you Create Space for Movement with

​Myofascial Bodywork specifically focused on Postural Alignment, Structural Balancing and Functional Movement. 

Ask About my Cancellation List!  

Stay ahead of pain caused by daily stress, sports injuries and postural patterns with therapeutic massage and myofascial bodywork specifically focused on structural balancing.

​You are Driven by Movement. You are runners, cyclists, paddlers, climbers, hikers, sailors, dancers, movers, shakers.  For you Movement is a Meditation.  It is where you find balance and peace of mind.  It's the rhythm of your soul.  It drives you to Reach your Potential.   Whether your body or mind are moving fast, we can help you Create Space for Movement!